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1. *Objective and purpose:*

- Describe the main purpose of the website (e.g. information source, e-commerce, blog, portfolio).
- Specify what goals the website should achieve (e.g. increasing sales, increasing awareness, lead generation).

2. *Target group:*

- Define your target audience (e.g. age, interests, location).
- Indicate what you expect from your visitors (e.g. purchase, registration, contact request).

3. *Design and Style:*

- Describe the style you want (e.g. modern, minimalist, playful).
- Give examples of websites or designs you like.

4. *Contents:*

- List the main pages and features you want to have on the site.
- Indicate whether you already have content such as text, images or videos or whether they need to be created.

5. *Color Scheme and Branding:*

- Share your brand's main colors and branding.
- If you don't have branding yet, you can specify basic color preferences.

6. *Functionalities:*

- Describe specific features or interactions you need on the website (e.g. contact form, online store, blog comments).
- Emphasize ease of use and desired user experience.

7. *Mobile Responsiveness:*

- Indicate whether the website needs to be mobile friendly and how important this is.

8. *Mobile Responsiveness:*

- Consider whether you need long-term maintenance and support for the website.

9. *Other Requirements:*

- If there are any special requirements or restrictions (e.g. legal regulations), communicate them.

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