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App idea scheme - description of the app idea:

1. Summary

Describe in one or two sentences what your app is about. What is the main goal of the app? What problems does it solve?

2. Target group

Which user group should use the app? Are there specific demographics or interests you want to target?

3. Main Functions

List the main features you want your app to have. What can users do with the app?

4. User Experience

Describe how you envision the user experience. How do you want users to interact with the app?

5. Design and Style

What kind of design or style do you have in mind? Are there color palettes, fonts, or visuals that you prefer?

6. Data management

How should data be managed in the app? Will users have accounts? Is data stored or synced?

7. Special Features

Are there special functions or features that make your app different from others? Think of innovations or unique selling propositions.

8. Platforms

For which platforms should the app be available? (e.g. iOS, Android, Web) Are there any preferences or reasons for this choice?

9. Monetization

Do you have plans to monetize the app? (e.g. paid purchase, subscription, advertising)

10. Time frame

Is there a specific time frame in which the app should be developed?

11. Additional information

Add anything you think relevant here to fully describe your app idea.

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